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And the winner is...

Monday, February 10, 2020 2:34 PM | Anonymous

And the winner is…

I'm not sure if you had a chance to watch the Oscar show this past weekend, or any of the other awards shows, but when seeing all the glitz and the glamour, I couldn't help but think about our Awards Luncheon in May.

Although there is not a red carpet, and we don't typically dress in the gowns and tuxedos as seen at the Oscars, there are certainly superstars present. Philanthropists, foundations, generous volunteers, financial supporters, incredible staff, organization leadership, and amazing causes, these are all present each year at the Luncheon.

As a lifelong extrovert, I get recharged by being with others. So when I leave the Luncheon after seeing all the incredible work accomplished in the nonprofit sector, it always leaves me feeling recharged. I hope you'll join us and hear and see some of the exciting things happening in our organizations.

This year, I ask you all to think about the individuals, organizations, foundations, you know. Consider nominating the superstars, be it a longtime fundraising veteran, incredible volunteer, or brand new 'rising star.' Join us in celebrating the great work that is done every day in our communities. Maybe we'll even add some celebrity performances this year-maybe?

Kate Bousum, CFRE
WSPN President

Submit your nominations now before it's too late!

Nominations are being accepted now through February 14, 2020. To learn more or to submit your nominations click here.

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