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Marketing and Training Lead

  • 02 Mar 2020 8:38 AM
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    Maeven Sipes (Administrator)

    Role/Title:      Marketing and Training Lead (Subcontractor)

    Pay Rate:       $15 - $18 an hour based on experience

    Hours:             15 - 20 hours a week, 40% of time at the Alive Center

    Job Description:

    The Alive Center Marketing and Training Lead (MTL) is responsible for creating and disseminating marketing materials to our community. The MTL is also responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with local public school districts and local community groups. The MTL is also responsible for creating and rolling out the new Come Alive training modules.

    Detailed Responsibilities:

            Marketing Responsibilities

    o   Create and manage a marketing submission system for all alive pre-planned events

    o   Market all alive pre-planned events 3 - 5 times, starting 2 - 3 months out

    o   Market all Alive drop-in hours

    o   Produce internal marketing materials such as the monthly Alive Newsletter

    o   Manage newsletter submissions and digital Television submissions to schools

    o   Set up quarterly school visits for brand awareness

    o   Set up and create free brand awareness and promotional opportunities & events in the community

    o   Manage social media posts for all pre-planned programs, and share social media posts in local Facebook groups

    o   Aim for zero errors in all external marketing which includes consistency in communication, e.g. each marketing piece contains the same information

    o   Ensure that marketing communications have all necessary information, e.g. cost, age, is pre-registration required, how to signup, etc.

    o   Own banners and overviews for all social media platformsManage social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

    o   Write and maintain all marketing guidelines for organizational standards

    o   Create and drive’s 2 annual external campaigns such as #IAmEnough

    o   Update and maintain Alive website with relevant content

    o   Alive foyer slides. Update alive foyer slides on a quarterly basis. Make each slide “pop” a bit more (and social media)

    o   Own all other marketing needs of the center, such as the gala program and signage

            Merch Shop

    o   Work with teens to design new and relevant merch ware that will sell

    o   Market Alive Merch in all possible channels

    o   Create Alive stickers to sell

            Training Responsibilities

    o   Create PowerPoint training modules for all training modules

    o   Create sales materials for training

            School Relationship Management

    o   Build strong relationships with local Junior highs schools and high schools

    o   Communicate regularly with schools on what is happening at Alive

    To apply please send resume to info@alivecenter.org.

    Alive Center

    500 W. Fifth Avenue, Naperville, IL 60563 • www.alivenaperville.com

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